Recipe Round-Up ~ May 2-8

by Aimee on May 22, 2009

Just say no to store-bought

I told you I was going to go back in time and address weeks past. I’m finally getting around to it, but it’ll be one at a time. For you Oreo cookie buffs, check out the cookie section for the holy grail of cookie recipes…now you can just say no to store-bought Oreos!  

Let yourself eat cake:

Let’s start things off with a Pierre Herme recipe highlighted by Bonbini!. It’s The Concorde, which is a layer of mousse sandwiched between two meringues, all chocolate, topped with strawberry foam. Yum!

I wish I had access to the chestnuts required for this Pistachio Chestnut Chocolate Opera Style Cake from Pease Pudding.

Dessert Girl highlighted some of the prettiest cakes you’ll ever see, in her post on Mother’s Day cakes.

Learn how to make Rainbow Buttercream Frosting for your Rainbow Cupcakes in the Big Red Kitchen.

I had to laugh out loud when I read Patent and the Pantry‘s description for her Guinness chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing, “I finally found a way to like beer . . . in cupcake form.”

Maple and bacon seem to go hand and hand. Who knew that they would be perfect coupled in a cupcake. Tracey’s Culinary Adventures threw french toast in the mix to make Maple French Toast and Bacon Cupcakes.


Baking has ruined instant gratification in regards to sweets for me, since now I can’t bear to eat any of the chemically loaded store-bought baked goods. Like an ancient explorer searching for the fountain of youth or the holy grail, every so often I would look in vain for a true homemade Oreo recipe. Sure, there’s a ton of Oreo “inspired” Whoopie Pie type creations floating around there, but not that crispy cookie snap, a signature of a true Oreo. Well, it looks like Living each week like it’s shark week has brought our salvation with her own crispy homemade Oreo cookie recipe. Hallelluia!

Speaking of Whoopie Pies, you really should check out these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Whoopie Pies from Chocolate Chip Trips. This is the kind of recipe that pumpkins were canned for!

These Shortbread Buttons from Not Quite Nigella are perfect for Mother’s Day or whenever you want to treat your favorite knitter, sewer, quilter, or fiber artist.

goodLife {eats} apparently has some crazy ideas sometimes, and I’m thankful for it. If she didn’t then we wouldn’t have these Cannoli Sandwich Cookies.

Savour Fare celebrated Cinco de Mayo with these Aztec Chocolate Cookies that have chipotle chilies.

And finally we have one of the funniest and heart racing posts on Linzer Torte Bars you’ll ever read from My Tasty Treasures.

Pies, tarts, etc.:

Kitchenscraps shows some motherly love with his sloppy, boozey tart.

Spoon! desserts:

Evil Shenanigans reminisces on the past with this childhood favorite, Baked Vanilla Custard with Nutmeg.

I’m guessing this belongs here since it’s made out of gelatin and condensed milk. Kinda looks like a finger food as presented. Aside from all that, if you combine food with history, better yet, when you create a display of a historical artifact with food…you’ve got me. I love history (although I am far, far away from knowing a quarter teaspoons worth of it) and I love food. The Cookie Shop was kind enough to marry the two together with her Fruit Jelly Stonehenge. Yep, it’s a replica of Stonehenge made out of Jello. Too cool. Sorry for geeking out on you.

Frozen delights:

I have no idea what saffron tastes like, but maybe I can have the experience with this Rose Water, Saffron Pistachio Ice Cream from Life by Chocolate.

Gourmet Traveler 88 provides a recipe for homemade Japanese sesame ice cream and you don’t even need an ice cream machine!

Hey, there’s a beverage here man:

Learn how to make your own ginger ale from Foodie With Family‘s Papa’s Homemade Hooch.

Not only do you get a great recipe for the oh honey! cocktail from eat make read, but also instructions on how to infuse your vodka with blood oranges.


Lisa is cooking offered up her Honey Pecan Caramels for Mother’s Day. She got the recipe from Pure Dessert, a book I have that I never really got into. I need to take another look.


Sea Salt With Food‘s post for Roti Jala (Net or Lace Pancake) really got my imagination going. A savory recipe is included, but the whole idea of creating a lacy pancake or crepe….really interesting idea. You can get a roti jala funnel here.

I couldn’t resist including this recipe from Feasting on Art. I never came across this blog before, but I love the premise. All of the recipes have their inspiration rooted in the art world. Check out this recipe for Caramelized Apple Omelet with Dulce de Leche and Goats Cheese which was inspired by a painting by Gauguin.


Bread + Butter had a great “Eureka!” idea with this PB J-Loaf. Gotta love innovation!

I just can’t resist recipes for homemade basic ingredients. Here’s another butter recipe from Tea and Wheaten Bread.

Amanda’s Cookin’ scored an interview with Dorie Greenspan. Yep, THE Dorie Greenspan of Dorie Greenspan Baking: From My Home to Yours and the inspiration behind bakers all over the world joining together on Tuesdays to bake something out of the book, Tuesdays With Dorie. If you participate in TWD, or just are a fan of Dorie Greenspan then you won’t want to miss this interview.

Laptops and Stovetops wrote a really great post about the importance of good karma and CARE packages. She also reminded me that being grateful for what you have, no matter how little, is a pathway to wealth.

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Jenn May 22, 2009 at 11:59 pm

Thanks for the mention. That PB J-Loaf was a totally happy accident. In my earnest attempt in making a PB & J pizza. I’m still workin’ on it. hehehe…

lisaiscooking May 23, 2009 at 9:49 am

Thanks for the link! The cookies all sound great. I’m going to have to check out each one!

Christine May 25, 2009 at 2:31 pm

Aimee! I appreciate the mention, but I have to excuse myself from credit for this recipe. It’s actually one from the book “Retro Desserts” which I got from Smitten Kitchen. The cookies were good, but I might try browsing the book in a store before buying it, because I’ve heard the recipes are hit and miss. Thanks so much for the link–hope yours turn out well!

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